The Dhamma Letter will address questions inherent to being human. Throughout the cycle of life, we are all bound to face the unpleasant realities of aging, illness, and death.

It was the pondering of this very idea that led Shakyamuni Gautama Buddha (born ~500 BCE) to go forth from this life of comfort and luxury and seek the way of ultimate happiness. The Buddha not only self-enlightened, but continued to spend the rest of his life teaching and helping others to find their way.

We are fortunate to live in the time of a Buddha Sāsana, where the teachings are available to us as a guide and foundation for our own practice.

My hope is that The Dhamma Letter will help all be happy and reach nibbāna in this very life!

With Metta,

Bhikkuni Kosalla Vipassini


Bhikkhuni Kosalla Vipassini
Bhikkhuni Kosalla is an ordained Buddhist nun in the Theravadan tradition, Abbess of Mahapajapati Monastery, and writer of The Dhamma Letter.
Max Montgomery
Max met Bhikkuni Kosalla at Mahapajapati Monastery and has served as editor of The Dhamma Letter ever since.