Dhamma Letter No. 15

Dukkha No. 2

Some bemoan Buddhism’s persistent emphasis on dukkha, lamenting what they feel is a negative and bleak worldly perspective. Yes, we all desire happiness and endeavor to find it in a positive and optimistic manner. However, there is a phrase: no pain, no gain! In order for our consciousness to mature, we have to face the world as it is.

Dhamma Letter No. 14 discussed the eight dukkhas, universal sufferings, as outlined by the Buddha. One must first accept whichever sufferings they experience. Upon acceptance, they can begin to understand their dukkha, which is overcome only by knowing and seeing it as it truly is.

The Four Noble Truths

The Buddha enlightened to The Four Noble Truths.

The Four Noble Truths, and thus our practice, begin with knowing dukkha.

The Buddha taught The Four Noble Truths are the means by which we are freed from dukkha. The Four Noble Truths are the following:

  1. Dukkha - the existence of stress and suffering

  2. Its origination - the causes of dukkha

  3. Its cessation - dukkha can be extinguished

  4. The path leading to its cessation - The Noble Eightfold Path is the method by which dukkha is extinguished

In this very life, we begin on the path with small steps of beneficial actions of the body, speech, and mind directed to oneself and all other beings.

We will continue our discussion of dukkha in Dhamma Letter No. 16.

May you be free from any physical suffering !
May you be free from any mental suffering !
May you be well and happy!

With Metta,

Ayyā Kosallā & Mahāpajāpatī Bhikkhunī Sangha
Edited by Max Montgomery 

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Buddha Sāsanaṁ Ciraṁ Tiṭṭhatu! 
May the Buddha’s teachings last a long time!

​Bhavatu Sabba Sotiṁ ca Maṅgalaṁ ca!!  
May everyone be led on the path of peace and blessing!!

Sādhu Sādhu Sādhu !

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