Dhamma Letter No. 30

Two liberations (Vimutti)

Two liberations (Vimutti) : Majjima Nikaya-53

  1. Liberation by mind (ceto-vimutti)

  2. Liberation by wisdom (paññā-vimutti)

One who practices meditation using the Samatha method develops concentration, which stops or suppresses the mental defilements (Asava in Pali) enough to gain insight, emphasizing the calm mind. He is said to have gained liberation by mind.

One who practices meditation using the Insight method develops Vipassana, which sees deeply enough into the subtle workings of the mental defilements to gain insight, emphasizing wisdom. He is said to have gained liberation by wisdom. (Dhamma Letter No.2)

Both of the chief disciples of The Buddha (Venerable Sariputta and Venerable Moggallana) gained their Sainthood within a short time after hearing the Good Dhamma, but Sariputta is called one liberated by wisdom, and Moggallana is called one liberated by mind. What is the difference? The answer lies in their disposition, namely the supreme wisdom faculty of Sariputta and the supreme concentration faculty of Moggallana.

For complete liberation, one uses the Eightfold Path factor of concentration to cultivate wisdom (paññā), because without wisdom (paññā), liberation never happens.

Majjima Nikaya-46

“What kind of person is one who is liberated on both sides? If a true man here transcends the world of subtle and fine material and experiences liberation beyond the immaterial world with his own body, and destroys all anguish in the light of wisdom, this true man is said to have been liberated on both sides, I say.”

This is the highest happiness of Nibbana (Dhamma Letter No. 23), which is the ultimate goal in Buddhism.

May you all be liberated from any bondages!

May you all be peaceful and happy!

May you all practice in your life and achieve the ultimate happiness of Nibbana!

With Metta,

With Metta,

Ayyā Kosallā & Mahāpajāpatī Bhikkhunī Sangha

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Buddha Sāsanaṁ Ciraṁ Tiṭṭhatu! 
May the Buddha’s teachings last a long time!

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May everyone be led on the path of peace and blessing!!

Sādhu Sādhu Sādhu !

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