Dhamma Letter No. 45

Study of Cittanupassana in Vipassana Meditation: Introduction 2

In this study of Vipassana meditation (also known as Mindfulness Meditation), I want to discuss the meditative method of Contemplation of the Mind which is an object of meditation. There are four objects total:

  1. Kayanupassana (Mindfulness of the body)

  2. Vedananupassana (Mindfulness of feeling[s])

  3. Cittanupassana (Mindfulness of the mind)

  4. Dhammanupassana (Mindfulness of the Dhamma). 

The reason for emphasis on Contemplation of the Mind (Cittanupassana) is because the mind controls everything in each practice. It is the mind which observes the objects of body, feeling, Dhamma, and the mind. You are observing the mind via the mind. 

Whenever the three karmas of 'body, speech, and mind' occur, the mind and body act simultaneously with these four mindfulness meditations. However, the workings of cittanupassana happens at each stage of practice (Contemplation on body, feeling, mind, and Dhamma) because it is only through the mind which understanding of Dhamma— the ultimate truth— can be realized. This enables us to apply it as the law of life and to see things as they really are, and lead us to a breakthrough.

It will be introduced two methods in this study. So it will be focus on the two methods being implemented there during this study.

1. The Vipassana teaching method of a world-famous Thai monk Ajahn Mun (Luang phor Mun Bhūridatto) is being handed down all over the world. Among them is Ajaha Pramote (Luang phor Pramote), who is currently teaching at Wat Suan Santidham (The Garden of the Peaceful Dhamma) in Thailand.

2. Even in Myanmar, where the tradition of Vipassana meditation is the most practiced and taught in modern times, Cittanupassana is still not typically well-guided. However, Shwe Oo Min Meditation Center (guided by U Tejaniya Saydaw) is the only place in Myanmar known for the method of Contemplation of the Mind.

Understanding these two methods first and comparing their similarities and differences is necessary to properly understand the practice of Cittanupassana which is one part of Satipatthana (the four mindfulness methods) in Vipassana meditation.

It is hoped that by understanding the phenomenon of the mind and its operation, this will contribute to the development of modern psychology and psychiatry as well.

To be continued…

With Metta,

Ayyā Kosallā & Mahāpajāpatī Bhikkhunī Sangha
Edited by Euna Bonovich 

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