Dhamma Letter No. 46

Study of Cittanupassana in Vipassana Meditation: Background Research 1

Many people are interested in meditation and experience its benefits while practicing it, but most of them end up in Samatha meditation to achieve calmness by focusing on a specific object. (Dhamma Letter No. 5. Dhamma Letter No. 6 )

Jack Kornfield, a famous Western meditation teacher, practiced meditation in Thailand as a monk during his youth. When he returned to America, however, he found himself in a state of disarray all over again. After that, he shared his story of a more devoted practice of Vipassana which was introduced in the book 『A path with heart』.

Jack Korenfield’s experience is a very common one. The calm state of being that Samatha meditation produces is temporary result because the defilements of the mind have not been fully investigated and properly uprooted.

Many meditators come to realize the importance of the mind through trial and error in their practice. This may be how the Buddha manifested enlightenment about 2560 years ago, too.

In this study, the main reason for dealing with Cittanupassana (心念處) among the methods of meditation is because the Buddha's words always emphasize the mind.

The mind precedes all dharmas, the mind is their master, and the mind carries out all actions.

As the wheel of a cart follows the footsteps of an ox,

Because of the deed, suffering follows the deed. - Dhammapada (法句經) 1

This demonstrates, as the first verse of the Dharma Sutra shows, the mind is the basis of all practice. Likewise, in Vipassana meditation too, if you do not understand the mind, many difficulties will follow in your practice, and results cannot cultivate into steady mindfulness that can be maintained during daily life activities.

To be continued…

With Metta,

Ayyā Kosallā & Mahāpajāpatī Bhikkhunī Sangha
Edited by Euna Bonovich 

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