Dhamma Letter No. 55

Understanding Samatha and Vipassana (VII)

The last Dhamma Letters (No. 40~ 54) were about the Contemplation of Mind (cittanupassana) during the traditional Buddhist retreat called Vassa. It occurs during the monsoon season (i.e. summer). 

Since this topic of cittanupassana was a part of my thesis, it will be continued with more guided information for its application in meditation for the retreat in the next year. 

In the last Dhamma Letter (No. 54), it quoted Yuganaddha sutta (Tranquility and Insight in tandem) in the Anuttara Nikaya (AN 4.170, PTS: AN.II.157) . 

To be brief, it is about the importance with the balance between Samatha and Vipassana (tranquility & insight) meditation: See Dhamma letter No. 52.

One is focused on developing a foundation for a calm and well-focused mind to generate insight/wisdom into the law of nature and one's nature. The other is a way to experience insight/wisdom which leads to developing concentration that causes a tranquility of mind. 

Both of these methods help each other to have insight into what is ultimately real about the external environment (the world) and internal environment (yourself). 

You can practice meditation using whichever method is suitable to you depending on your conditions or use both in balance. If you find that your have a restless mind, it may be a good strategy to start with Samatha to develop concentration to be able to observe phenomena clearly. If you find that you able to concentrate easily, it may be a good strategy to dive right into observing the phenomena arising and passing away in mind or body. 

First of all, the quality of your mind is most important. (See Dhamma letter No. 10, Dhamma letter No. 46).

May you develop your concentration and insight through meditation!

May you be peaceful and happy!

May all practice well and reach to Magga (道, the path of enlightenment) and Phala(果, the fruit of enlightenment)!

With Metta,

Ayyā Kosallā & Mahāpajāpatī Bhikkhunī Sangha
Edited by Euna Bonovich 

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