Dhamma Letter No. 57

Q&A No. 15

Q: Is it wrong if I have the goal of Nibbana(Nirvana) in this life? Should I postpone the goal until I practice more?

A: Of course, you can keep this as a goal for this life. (See Dhamma letter No. 29 as in Majjima Nikaya 39)

Buddha said the wholesome wish for Nibbana is the source of diligent practice for motivation. Even a tiny seed becomes a fruit.

No doubt of dhamma means that one fully and sincerely believes to be the heir of their Kamma. (Dhamma letter No. 33~ No. 39)

Wholesome seeds result in wholesomeness. Unwholesome seeds result in unwholesomeness. 

Therefore, one who practices for Nibbana never acts in an unwholesome way intentionally. It is only because ignorance/delusion remains to be uprooted that problems continue to arise. 

However, if one practices diligently, one can reach the goal of nibbana in a future life. Even the sotapanna (stream enterer : The first level enlightened one) may have to go through rebirth up to 7 lives in Buddha’s teaching.(It will be discussed for the next Dhamma letter.)  It all depends on the Kamma(Karma).

Only when one has practiced to the point of removing all seeds of ignorance/delusion, one prevents new unwholesome results from arising. That’s why we have to keep cultivating the wholesomeness of our mind by body, mouth and consciousness. 

May you practice diligently!

May you reach your goal in this life!

May you be well and happy!

With Metta,

Ayyā Kosallā & Mahāpajāpatī Bhikkhunī Sangha
Edited by Euna Bonovich 

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